I just got my new iPad! I think I’m in love! The typing is easier than I thought it would be….so far. Not sure how it will do in the dark or when I get going really fast, we shall see.

So far so good. I’m so excited just to be able to see what I’m doing on here, instead of squinting to see on my tiny iPhone screen.

Next up, downloading all my favorite apps and seeing what’s new for the iPad. Stay tuned!

— Post From My iPad


The Facebook App has earned it’s place on my iPhone. Before the app, I honestly didn’t use Facebook much. I would check it once in a while, usually to play a game.

Now I use it all the time. With the app on my phone I instantly know what my friends and family are up to. And I can post quick comments or updates of my own no matter where I’m at.

The Facebook games are not available through the app, but game notifications are! A great thing when you are addicted to farmville like I am.

Another thing I love about the Facebook app is the ability to search and add friends anywhere. Last weekend at a birthday party I added two friends on the spot when they told me they were on Facebook, it was great! (And they thought it was pretty cool too!)

Anyone who uses Facebook will find this app a useful addition to their iPhone.

I’ve gone mobile! I’m finally setup to blog from my iPhone!

It will take some getting used to, but I’m looking forward to having acess to my blog from anywhere.

My new blogging goal will be to post about all my favorite apps and why I like them. That should keep me busy for a while!

Yes I said Gleeky!

I’m absolutely in love with the TV show “Glee”! Of course, I have to admit that I’m a fan of musicals, always have been, but Glee is fresh, fun and brand new!

I’m very impressed with the talent and skill evident in the production and cast of this show. The cast couldn’t be better, there is real chemistry – promoting real concern for and interest in the characters in each episode. This isn’t the first TV show to be set in a High School, nor is it the first to address teen pregnancy, drugs, identity or any of the other challenges today’s teens face. But the Glee Club’s musical twist makes it all seem fresh – and keeps me coming back for more!

Ok….Gleek warning! Here comes my inner fangirl:

I have to say I’m a fan of Raechel. Yes, she’s got big dreams and isn’t afraid to go after them…sometimes appearing abrupt and self-centered, but she’s strong too, and always comes through in the end. I’d love to see her with Finn once things settle down for him a little bit.

I also love Kurt. He’s got big challenges in his life, but he’s loyal and smart – I’m cheering for him! It takes a lot of guts to pull off all that he’s done this season, I can’t wait to see more! I’d like to see him and Raechel get past their differences too, they could be friends next season with the right writing.

The rest of the characters are wonderful, and there really isn’t one that I dislike right now. Each have had their moments, and I’m hoping to learn more about them as the show progresses, but for now Raechel and Kurt have won my heart.

The best part of the show? The music of course! Throughout this season the music has been awesome, I look forward to it and find myself singing along whenever I know the song they are singing. The second to last episode with the Glee version of “Imagine” with the deaf singers was totally amazing! I cried! The released version from iTunes doesn’t have the deaf singers, and I can understand it might not come through as well without the visual…but I was kind of disappointed. I just know it will be one of the episodes I watch several more times, just for that song!

Tonight I finally broke down and put both albums on my iphone…now I can have Glee all week! In fact…I’m listening right now, as I write this post 🙂

See the show, fall in love, and come be Gleeky with me!

Epic War 3 was created by rudy_sudarto, a game designer from Art Logic Games.

The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!

This game’s use of collectible cards is impressive. Instead of feeling stuck using pre-selected units, the player can choose a set of starter cards, and then begin building his or her deck, upgrading units in that deck as they go. With the equip feature, players can choose which cards to use for each round, changing things up as often as they like.

The flash animated battles, vs. a card game format, are great! After selecting the cards to play, the player can further control the units in the battle by retreating or sending them forward, and deciding when to use any special abilities.

I’ve been enjoying this game as part of Kongregate’s new quest feature. With it’s 4 challenging achievements, it’s sure to keep me busy for a while.

Curious Little Muse rating for Epic War 3: 8/10

Impressive use of game mechanics, good graphic design, good usability and easy to follow instructions.


Of all the instances of animal neglect and cruelty happening every day around the world, PETA has decided to make an issue of the Elephant car wash at the Oregon wildlife park.

I don’t know about you but if I were an elephant, aside from wanting to pick people up and wander around with them in my trunk, I’d welcome any sort of activity that broke up the every day routine. Elephants love water, and they love to squirt it everywhere, what better way to promote the park and give the animals some fun than with a car wash?


This video is a must see. Done by Perpetuum Jazzile, an cappella jazz choir from Slovenia – it is the song “Africa.” The group is very talented, but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing pay attention to the first minute. They create a thunder storm with their hands, on stage. Check it out!


I just purchased Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred and did my first level 1 workout. Wow! Even with the extra toning and more energy I’m getting from Curves, this workout really makes you work!

I also picked up two books: Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life and The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter Using the three together, I’m hoping to take my commitment to get in shape and lose weight to the next level.

Jillian’s book is great. She lays out what you need to do in easy to understand terms – and if you’ve watched her coach on the Biggest Loser…you know she can get results! I’ve already used her simple formula to figure out how many calories I need to eat per day, and her easy multiple choice test helped me figure out that I’m a fast oxidizer! She recommends the calorie counter book as a reference when planning meals, so I picked it up last night. It’s not just a list of calories…it breaks down everything into carbs, fat, serving size (yep I’m guilty of eating LARGE servings) calories and more. I’ve never been one to want to count exact calories. Jillian explains that with an eye on what you’re eating and clear goals in mind (plus the commitment to go with them) you can eat what you want, and still get results. I can’t eat HOW I want…that’s got to change, but I don’t have to say goodbye forever to all of my favorite foods.

The first workout was intense. Using the DVD along with the books is going to make a huge difference, I can tell already. After the first 20 minute shred, I feel stretched, tired and pretty sweaty. But I’m looking forward to the next session. I know I can do it, it’s not TOO hard – it’s hard enough to get results. Boy is it hard. There were several places where I just knew I couldn’t do even one more rep…and then Jillian would say, “just two more!” and I powered through (or at least, finished without collapsing). I made it all the way through from warm up to cooldown, and it feels great! I’ve accomplished something.

I chose to begin with the level 1 workout. I also modified a couple things, like the pushups, following the beginner on the DVD as Jillian directed. I look forward to being able to work my way up to doing everything unmodified, and then starting in on the next level workout. Some reviewers suggested trying the hardest workout, or alternating between then, but I think I would just get discouraged if I tried and couldn’t make it through the first time out. This way I can work up to it, knowing I can do the first one until I’m ready to move on. It’s plenty challenging all on it’s own!

I like Jillian as a trainer. She’s no nonsense and tough. She’s in great shape, but she feels like a “real person” – she knows how hard she’s making you work, and talks you through each exercise. I found her workout and book to be highly motivating.

So…this is day 1 of my 30-day shred. Wish me luck!


From Featherwisp Designs

Here is my newest handmade purse! It’s done in bright pink with pink fabric covered in inspiring words. Courage, Hugs, Love, Survivor, Smile, Sisters, etc. (to see my other designs, click the link above)

This purse is bright and bold, and so much fun! Fully lined and washable, it makes a great book bag, project bag, or tote for whatever you need this summer! For this rendition of the new pattern I’ve been working on, I’ve added a cute little side knot with the fabric band. I think it lends just a little something extra!

I’d love to hear some feedback from my readers and twitter friends. What do you think of this new purse? What colors would YOU want for yourself? Should I make one for a blog giveaway?

And as always, my readers get a discount before items are listed on Etsy – DM me on twitter, or email me if this purse is tugging at your heart.

From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs


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