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Foamies Planes

Foamies Planes

We found these Foamies at the local craft store, and I have to say I’m impressed. This is possibly one of the greatest finds ever for craft time with two little boys. Foamies are just like stickers….only much more fun. We’ve been making pictures, bookmarks, door hangers and even our own counting flashcards with these fun shapes and letters. No cutting, no glue…and only a little paper mess from the backings. I can live with that!

They seem to hold up a bit better than stickers too, which is nice when it’s little hands trying to stick them. They also look good. I think the hardest thing with these is wanting to play with them myself…oh well, mom has to do the project too…so everyone knows what to do, right? 🙂


Yep, snow. I guess winter isn’t ready to give way to spring just yet. Our warm and sunny weather just didn’t last. Saturday the wind and snow returned. Today most of the snow has melted off, but it continues to come down in soft fluffy flakes. According to the news, the cold isn’t over yet, we might just see a few inches build up before it is done.

It’s freezing outside, but thankfully it’s nice and warm inside. Perfect book reading weather! Hopefully I can get both of my little ones down for a nap this afternoon and curl up with a cup of tea and a new book. I think I’ll start Robyn Carr’s “A Virgin River Christmas” it is the fourth book in the Virgin River series, and the first three were incredibly good.

funny pictures of cats with captions

ICHCB…A cat lover’s daily dose of cuteness! This is the home of the “lolcats” (and sometimes other animals too). If you’re looking for loldogs, you might want to check out ihazahotdog. Also available in a cute desk calendar…which I got for Christmas this last year 🙂 I love it!

Link: icanhascheezburger

I took part in my first real pvp op in EVE today, what a blast! There were a hand full of us rookie pilots, so we got a lot of help from the rest of the fleet. The group I was assigned to camped around a stargate waiting for the enemy to warp in. When they did, we pounced!

I can see now why this game keeps its pvpers, the action is fast and furious and there are many ways to participate. Even I, in my little rookie ship, was able to do my part and helped take down ships much bigger than any I’m able to pilot yet.

I still have a lot to learn before I’m as useful as I’d like to be in a fleet op like the one we had today, but I’m having fun and everyone is more than patient and helpful.

I’m not always in the mood to play an MMO for hours on end, sometimes I just want a distraction for a few minutes between loads of laundry or whatever else I need to do. I used to play solitare, or tetris, but more and more lately I’m turning to the free flash games found on various websites. So far, Kogregate is my favorite. Not only are there LOTS of games, there are new ones added all the time and many of them have mini achievements (not just high scores) that the site tracks for you, plus it lets you know what you’ve played and saves your favorites.

Yes, there are ads on the site, but another cool thing about kongregate is, they share their ad income with the game developers who submit the games to the site. They’ve also setup a rating and comments system so the players can let the developers know what they like, and they hold monthly and weekly drawings based on the highest rated games of that time period, giving the developers even more incentive to make good games!

There is a multi-player game category, but I haven’t explored that very much yet, as I’m usually only playing any given game for a few minutes at a time (unless it’s Baloon popping…not sure why, but I love that game!) Some of them have quite good reviews though, so I may check those out sometime soon.

Link: Kongregate

The idea of space, and being able to travel from place to place at will has always fascinated me. It is the theme of several stories I’m working on – my active imagination loves the endless possibilities of what one might find “out there”.

My first trial experience in EVE didn’t go well. I had high hopes, and no idea of the steep learning curve required at the start of the game. As I didn’t have anyone in game to learn from, I quickly lost interest.

Now, about a year later, armed with two current players for guides, access to a well written wiki full of great advice for new players, and a “corporation” full of new faces willing to help someone new – I’m having a blast. Sure, I’ve lost a couple of ships, and found myself lost more than once, but the experience is much more of what I was hoping for, in the first place.

Much like World of Warcraft, there is a player driven economy, which I find interesting, and a corporation system, which is pretty similar to a guild in any other MMO. I am still getting used to the idea of my character being merely a portrait, never a visible, controllable thing on screen, but I find that the variety of ships and fittings for those ships, combined with the extensive skill system is quite enough to keep me busy.

Will I become as entrenched in EVE as I have WoW? Hard to say, WoW holds a special place in my life because of the friends I have made, friends I hope to keep long beyond the expiration of my WoW account. But I shall enjoy the experience while it holds my attention, floating around in space…destroying space pirates and exploring the stars.

Link: EVE: Online

I read, a LOT, and I like a variety of authors and genres. Keeping track of what I’ve read and what I want to read amid the sea of new books and old ones “reprinted” to look new, proves very tricky.

In my travels around the internet, I found a free bookshelf program, called Shelfari, and fell in love. Being free is a big plus, but it also has all the features I’ve been needing for so long. It pulls book info from Amazon, keeps track of all the books you enter by author, genre, title and if you’ve read or plan to read the book.

I like the added ability to make private notes, or public reviews, and a star rating system. I even managed to get Mom hooked on it, which is great! Not only are we now both more organized, our book sharing is much more efficient, and we won’t constantly end up with duplicate books, or wondering who has read what. My next project is to get the rest of the family hooked and using the wish list feature…that’ll help with the Christmas shopping!

Link: Shelfari

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