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Epic War 3 was created by rudy_sudarto, a game designer from Art Logic Games.

The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!

This game’s use of collectible cards is impressive. Instead of feeling stuck using pre-selected units, the player can choose a set of starter cards, and then begin building his or her deck, upgrading units in that deck as they go. With the equip feature, players can choose which cards to use for each round, changing things up as often as they like.

The flash animated battles, vs. a card game format, are great! After selecting the cards to play, the player can further control the units in the battle by retreating or sending them forward, and deciding when to use any special abilities.

I’ve been enjoying this game as part of Kongregate’s new quest feature. With it’s 4 challenging achievements, it’s sure to keep me busy for a while.

Curious Little Muse rating for Epic War 3: 8/10

Impressive use of game mechanics, good graphic design, good usability and easy to follow instructions.


The Sims 3
is out for PC!

The latest version of the popular game already has me hooked. I’ve loved the sims since they first came out, and have way more expansions and stuff packs for the sims 2 than is healthy. Now that the new version is out, I’m happily exploring all the new content and the graphics/AI updates.

So far, it’s great. The town is newer, bigger and seamless. I love being able to send my sim somewhere and not have to wait through the loading screen. The sim creator has had a complete overhaul. The possibilities seem endless for customizing the sim just the way you want them. Even the alien look is included with this game.

The sim AI seems to be greatly improved. No longer do my sims go into a panic because they can’t decide if they should pee or fix dinner. They seem to interact better with each other now too. The only odd thing I’ve seen so far is when they first arrive home after being out for any period of time. They stand facing a wall for a second or two…as if the AI needs to load household actions. Not a big deal, but odd for sure. I love the new wish system, and the ability to choose which ones to accept and work on at any given time. I like this a lot better than having to constantly worry about fears, and then having wants randomized each morning if they weren’t locked.

The relationship meter displayed for every interaction with other sims is great. It’s so much easier to tell if they are hitting it off, or just irritating each other – long before they start screaming at each other! It shows the progression from first interest to friendship and on to deeper connections too, which is great. You still have the relationship window in the UI that shows where you are with each person you know, but the real time meter is very useful.

And now for my very favorite aspect of the Sims. Houses. Building them, decorating them and forcing my sims to live in them. I’ve always loved the build/buy modes the best. I can honestly say I’ve probably spent at least twice as much time in those modes than actually playing in live mode with the sims themselves. In the sims3 everything has been greatly improved. I’m still not quite used to the new item menus, but the increased inventory is great! I absolutely love the ability to customize colors for everything, and the angled, and even off grid placement ability. Placement was a big irritation for me with sims2, I was forever looking for work arounds and giving my poor sims fits because items weren’t placed the way they wanted them…but it looked better that way! Now I can have both.

Even when I set out to build something simple – I seem to end up with large houses, the most expensive items and a generally “similar” look. Now with the ability to customize colors and patterns, that problem is fixed. Well, the look part anyway, I still can’t seem to build a small house.

There are a couple things I miss from the expansions for sims2. I miss pets. And surprisingly, gardens and seasons. I wasn’t expecting that to be such a big deal, but I’m really hoping those are in the works to be expansions for sims3. Vacations were fun, as was owning a business. But there seems to be an option to buy into a business in sims3 – I’ll need to explore that and figure out how that works. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

The only con I have so far is that you still can’t watch your sim work, and have to either busy yourself with decorating, or just wait for time to pass while they are at work. I personally would like to watch them I think – it shouldn’t be that different from the business expansion where everyone went about their jobs. The challenges and activities too should be visible. Especially things like tours through the museum – I’d like to see the inside of those buildings too!

Overall I’m happy with the latest addition to the Sims family of games from EA. I look forward to many hours of building and playing with this latest addiction. Maybe I’ll use the time my sim is at work to do my laundry or blog…


Now that the beta is over, I’m free to talk about my latest online game addiction.

Free Realms is classified as a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) or MMO for short. Two races are available for play, Human and Pixie. Both have male and female options, with customization of hair, eye and skin color, different outfits and hairstyles.

I’ve chosen a human female, and named her “Lyric Rainsong.”

From Free Realms

Free Realms does not have a class system, instead it offers a job system. Each player can choose to do any (or all) of the available jobs, switching from job to job depending on what they are working on at the moment with just a simple change of outfit.

From Free Realms

So far I’m impressed with the graphic quality of the game, everything is clear and bright, just right for a world full of pixies, adorable goblins and cartoony humans. The user interface is simple to use and easy to figure out. I’m convinced that the developers have done their homework and incorporated some of the best elements of other available games (such as World of Warcraft) to make this game fun and easy to learn.

The job system, quests and minigames are well developed. I am looking forward to the addition of other features like player housing and clubs (guilds) which have been mentioned as “on the list” by the devs.

As the name suggests, Free Realms IS free to play. It also allows quite a bit of freedom in game play – which the devs insist is the true meaning of the name. Membership is available for a small monthly fee, and buying “Station Cash” allows players to purchase exclusive items such as pets and select accessories. A few of the jobs are limited to members only as well, but from what I can tell playing for free still offers quite a variety of fun and games to young and casual players.

I’ve started a web gallery for my screenshots, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more as I explore each of the various jobs and games.

Gallery: My Free Realms Pics
Link: Free Realms


1. Apples are to oranges as soup is to sandwiches. My kids like both but always seem to want the opposite of each other!

2. Someone better remember what Sunday is! And that’s all I have to say about that.

3. I think I hear a little one yawning. Must be nap time!

4. New Mail flag.

5. Do what you want to do, but I think pizza sounds good for dinner.

6. Along came Alex and behind him was a Radio Flyer wagon; in the wagon was a bucket filled with the rocks from my front landscaping.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going to Curves, tomorrow my plans include shopping and Sunday, I want to have breakfast in bed!

Tower Defense games are probably my favorite type of single player games. I can spend hours setting up my towers and fighting off whatever “bad guys” come my way. Everything from balloons to aliens…and now, pirates!

This pirate theme tower defense game changes things up a little bit, with much more than just shooting towers – this game uses traps and lures. The more traps a pirate hits, the bigger your score. So far I’m loving using the swinging and rolling logs to pin-ball my pirates from trap to trap.

I give this game a 5/5 score – with a caution: If you’re anything like me, prepare to spend quite a while playing with this game!

Link: Pirate Defense walkthrough, review, discussion, hints and tips at Jay is Games.

Flash games can be addicting, and this one is no exception. “Bipole” over on Jay is Games, utilizes the positive and negative charge effect (here denoted by color) on cute little balls in circular rooms. There is always some obstacle to overcome in making the opposites attract and win each round, and while some solutions seem obvious, executing them can be quite tricky!

This game is simple enough to only require very basic instructions on the first few levels, yet challenging enough to keep you playing, wondering just what the next level will throw at you.

I give Bipole a rating of 4/5. It’s not an amazingly new concept blowing your mind and banishing thoughts of all other games, but it is fun and plenty addictive for little round balls in a little round room!

Link: Bipole walkthrough, review, discussion, hints and tips at Jay is Games.

I took part in my first real pvp op in EVE today, what a blast! There were a hand full of us rookie pilots, so we got a lot of help from the rest of the fleet. The group I was assigned to camped around a stargate waiting for the enemy to warp in. When they did, we pounced!

I can see now why this game keeps its pvpers, the action is fast and furious and there are many ways to participate. Even I, in my little rookie ship, was able to do my part and helped take down ships much bigger than any I’m able to pilot yet.

I still have a lot to learn before I’m as useful as I’d like to be in a fleet op like the one we had today, but I’m having fun and everyone is more than patient and helpful.

I’m not always in the mood to play an MMO for hours on end, sometimes I just want a distraction for a few minutes between loads of laundry or whatever else I need to do. I used to play solitare, or tetris, but more and more lately I’m turning to the free flash games found on various websites. So far, Kogregate is my favorite. Not only are there LOTS of games, there are new ones added all the time and many of them have mini achievements (not just high scores) that the site tracks for you, plus it lets you know what you’ve played and saves your favorites.

Yes, there are ads on the site, but another cool thing about kongregate is, they share their ad income with the game developers who submit the games to the site. They’ve also setup a rating and comments system so the players can let the developers know what they like, and they hold monthly and weekly drawings based on the highest rated games of that time period, giving the developers even more incentive to make good games!

There is a multi-player game category, but I haven’t explored that very much yet, as I’m usually only playing any given game for a few minutes at a time (unless it’s Baloon popping…not sure why, but I love that game!) Some of them have quite good reviews though, so I may check those out sometime soon.

Link: Kongregate

The idea of space, and being able to travel from place to place at will has always fascinated me. It is the theme of several stories I’m working on – my active imagination loves the endless possibilities of what one might find “out there”.

My first trial experience in EVE didn’t go well. I had high hopes, and no idea of the steep learning curve required at the start of the game. As I didn’t have anyone in game to learn from, I quickly lost interest.

Now, about a year later, armed with two current players for guides, access to a well written wiki full of great advice for new players, and a “corporation” full of new faces willing to help someone new – I’m having a blast. Sure, I’ve lost a couple of ships, and found myself lost more than once, but the experience is much more of what I was hoping for, in the first place.

Much like World of Warcraft, there is a player driven economy, which I find interesting, and a corporation system, which is pretty similar to a guild in any other MMO. I am still getting used to the idea of my character being merely a portrait, never a visible, controllable thing on screen, but I find that the variety of ships and fittings for those ships, combined with the extensive skill system is quite enough to keep me busy.

Will I become as entrenched in EVE as I have WoW? Hard to say, WoW holds a special place in my life because of the friends I have made, friends I hope to keep long beyond the expiration of my WoW account. But I shall enjoy the experience while it holds my attention, floating around in space…destroying space pirates and exploring the stars.

Link: EVE: Online


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