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From Featherwisp Designs

Here is my newest handmade purse! It’s done in bright pink with pink fabric covered in inspiring words. Courage, Hugs, Love, Survivor, Smile, Sisters, etc. (to see my other designs, click the link above)

This purse is bright and bold, and so much fun! Fully lined and washable, it makes a great book bag, project bag, or tote for whatever you need this summer! For this rendition of the new pattern I’ve been working on, I’ve added a cute little side knot with the fabric band. I think it lends just a little something extra!

I’d love to hear some feedback from my readers and twitter friends. What do you think of this new purse? What colors would YOU want for yourself? Should I make one for a blog giveaway?

And as always, my readers get a discount before items are listed on Etsy – DM me on twitter, or email me if this purse is tugging at your heart.

From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs
From Featherwisp Designs


From Featherwisp Designs

After making Summer Sorbet (which I adapted from an online pattern) I’ve been having fun adapting the pattern even further. For Lighthouse Blue (above) I let Mom pick a color she liked from my yarn collection (I have way too much yarn) and then we went to the fabric store and picked a coordinating fabric for the inside. I’m very happy with the result.

I’m half way through a pink design to match the pink camo fabric I have, and then I think I’ll try making a small version as a little girl’s purse. Once I have a few samples in some good colors, I think I’ll start looking for some customers who would like a custom purse in colors and fabric of their choice. I’m also trying to decide if I want to add velcro or zipper closures as an option. Perhaps both.

I like making items my own way. I love how I can change the pattern as I go, and still end up with something I really like. It also means no two purses are exactly the same – gotta love unique!

I’m pleased to announce my very first “Featherwisp Designs” product. A union of crochet and sewing, this is a cute little tote bag, perfect for holding your current read, a project in progress, or those odds and ends a mother can never be without.

Behold: Summer Sherbet

From Featherwisp Designs

As the prototype, this bag has a bit of character, but I love the result. It’s bright and crazy and just plain fun.

This is a modified version of a simple crochet pattern found (free) on the web. The sewn in material was my own idea – and I’ve already thought of different stitches, sizes and styles of this design to add.

I have a whole selection of fabrics, and more pictures of Summer Sherbet here.

Currently I’m working on making a few more bags, with variations on the handle (matching fabric woven through for extra stability) and crocheted stitching as both sample and sale items. My goal is to have several pre-made bags on hand, and offer to make custom bags in any size and color. Hopefully others will love this design as much as I do!

Future products “in the works” – cotton washcloths, headbands, baby blankets

If you’re interested in a custom tote, or even the sample shown above, email me at: featherwisp AT gmail DOT com. I’d love to work on a special project for you!

My Etsy order has arrived! It contains lavender, chamomile, and dried rose buds. Paired with the pretty printed sheer fabric I picked up at Walmart, I’m making some great sachets!

The sheer fabric isn’t the easiest to sew…in fact it’s quite annoying, but the end result is pretty cool with the colors I chose. You can just see what’s inside the fabric bag, but it’s tight enough to keep all the bits of dried flowers inside…and not in your drawer.

Of course, I gave the first one to Mom. But I plan to make more and perhaps post them up on Etsy eventually. I’ve been thinking about making some crocheted items to put up there too, so hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. I’ll post some pictures here too, once I have a couple finished.

As for the crochet items, I think I’ll post things like bibs, washcloths and bags…and if there’s any interest maybe I’ll take on a custom project or two for bigger items.

I’m also making curtains for Josh’s room. He picked out the fabric…black with blue dragons and red flames! Oh my…but he’s 6 and it’s his room, I think it’s fun that he got to choose what he wanted, even if I did try to convince him that a softer color might be better. I’m sure I’ll replace them with something more neutral eventually.

I’ve got my craft room all organized now, with each project in it’s own bin, and my sewing machine all setup. It feels great…and I can find my stuff now! It was hard to tell how much random yarn I had floating around, but I managed to fill up a pretty large bin with it so I have some extra to work with if a pattern catches my eye. Now I just need to find a bookshelf or something to put all my patterns and craft books on. Currently they are on the table, but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for sewing.

I’ve always been one to have multiple projects going at once, but lately I’ve actually been getting them finished with some consistency and speed, it feels great! It’s fun to look at a completed project…almost as fun as starting a new one!

I finished Alex’s blanket this week, and I’m happy with the result.

From Crochet Projects

I used a simple double crochet pattern, and two strands of yarn for extra thickness (and durability). Alex’s room is painted a soft green color, so this blanket matches very well. Best of all, he loves it and is already dragging it all over the house.

My next project is going to be Josh’s blanket which will need to be quite a bit bigger. He picked out his own colors, which are blue, yellow and a variegated to match. I think a stripe/wave pattern is going to be the best option for him. Of course, he wants one for his best buddy Dragon (a beanie he’s had since he was 3) so I’ll do that one in the same pattern with some orange and green scraps I have around.


30 minutes, three times a week? That’s something I can do! I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a curves membership. As any mom will tell you, it is not easy to set aside personal time, but I decided it was necessary. I need some me time, and I want to put it to good use. With the hubby on board…and my training sessions out of the way, I’m on track and loving it.

Being an evening person, and not by any stretch of the imagination a morning person, I’ve opted to do my workouts in the evenings after Jer gets home and can watch the kids. I love that curves is women only…I don’t feel so self conscious when things…jiggle. Can I feel the burn? Oh yes. Even with just 30 minutes, I feel tired and sweaty but very proud of myself at the end of each session. That first one was a killer though…I was very happy to take a nice warm bath and relax those screaming muscles that first night!

I also enjoy the atmosphere at my local curves, the women are nice, and chatter about everyday things like washing machines and kids as they work out. The age range varies, but no kids are allowed so I can relax and just be one of the girls.

It’s too soon to tell if I’ve lost weight, but overall, after just a few workouts, I feel healthier and happier – which is my goal in the first place! So no matter what the scale says at the end of the month, I feel like I’ve accomplished something already.

Link: Curves

I read, a LOT, and I like a variety of authors and genres. Keeping track of what I’ve read and what I want to read amid the sea of new books and old ones “reprinted” to look new, proves very tricky.

In my travels around the internet, I found a free bookshelf program, called Shelfari, and fell in love. Being free is a big plus, but it also has all the features I’ve been needing for so long. It pulls book info from Amazon, keeps track of all the books you enter by author, genre, title and if you’ve read or plan to read the book.

I like the added ability to make private notes, or public reviews, and a star rating system. I even managed to get Mom hooked on it, which is great! Not only are we now both more organized, our book sharing is much more efficient, and we won’t constantly end up with duplicate books, or wondering who has read what. My next project is to get the rest of the family hooked and using the wish list feature…that’ll help with the Christmas shopping!

Link: Shelfari


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