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The Facebook App has earned it’s place on my iPhone. Before the app, I honestly didn’t use Facebook much. I would check it once in a while, usually to play a game.

Now I use it all the time. With the app on my phone I instantly know what my friends and family are up to. And I can post quick comments or updates of my own no matter where I’m at.

The Facebook games are not available through the app, but game notifications are! A great thing when you are addicted to farmville like I am.

Another thing I love about the Facebook app is the ability to search and add friends anywhere. Last weekend at a birthday party I added two friends on the spot when they told me they were on Facebook, it was great! (And they thought it was pretty cool too!)

Anyone who uses Facebook will find this app a useful addition to their iPhone.


This video is a must see. Done by Perpetuum Jazzile, an cappella jazz choir from Slovenia – it is the song “Africa.” The group is very talented, but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing pay attention to the first minute. They create a thunder storm with their hands, on stage. Check it out!


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funny pictures of dogs with captions
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Gotta love that picture! I just love the way dogs seem to know when you just need a hug. There is something about soft fur and a panting tongue that can just bring back the sunshine.

I have always loved tea, from my very first cup of red rose to my current addiction to all blends green. I’m in no way an expert on the subject, but there is nothing better than relaxing with a warm cup of my current favorite, and a good book.

Up until this month I have always used teabags. In fact, I’d never bought or used loose leaf tea of any kind, until now. I must say it has opened my eyes to a whole new world, not to mention taste. I watched in utter fascination when the tea leaves began to unfurl and expand – I’d added WAY too many for the cup of tea I was making, but it was fun to watch anyway. I had scoffed at the idea that my little sampler tin could hold enough tea to make 10 cups…but now I’m totally convinced.

I can always count on jenniedee to know what is what when it comes to linking great stuff. This case was no exception, she mentioned Adagio Teas in a recent blog post, along with a $5 certificate code…and I just HAD to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed.


Adagio Teas has a great selection of some very good tea. So far I’ve sampled Vanilla Green, Tai Chai, Earl Grey Green, and the Aquarius sampler that came free with my order. Funny enough, the aquarius blend is very good. I was not at all convinced, but tried it since it was free. Now I’m going to have to include it in my next order!

I also purchased the personaliTEA tea pot. I’ve been wanting a nice tea pot for a while, this one costs $9 – and comes with a steeping basket for loose tea that fits perfectly inside. So far I’ve used it 4 times and can’t think of a single complaint. It works very well, it keeps the tea warm – and it hold just enough for two cups of tea. Exactly what I needed.

There are all sorts of interesting things on Adagio’s site – including several different types of tea pots, a huge selection of tea, and something I’d never seen before – display teas. I got a sample of one of those with my order too, but I haven’t tried it yet. I think I need a nicer tea cup to put it in! Something I can see through. From what I’ve read on the site and elsewhere since getting it, these are hand made bundles of tea leaves that flower out into a beautiful display while steeping a cup of tea. I must say I’m fascinated! I’m a little curious how one would go about drinking the tea with the display floating in it, but I’m willing to give it a try.

On the technical side, Adagio’s site is easy to use. There are some fun features I haven’t fully explored yet, like adding friends and sharing tea favorites – but there are useful thing like reviews that I’ve taken full advantage of. The checkout process was smooth and quick – overall I won’t be hesitating to order from them again for any reason. In fact, my little sister turns 18 this month, so I’ve already sent her a personaliTEA all her own with a selection of fun teas to try. I can’t wait to see what she thinks!

Anyone who would like to give Adagio a try can email me – I’ll be happy to send you a code for $5 off to help get you hooked on tea too 🙂

From Screen Captures

This is fun! It is a generator called “Multicolr” that matches photos from flickr to colors you select. I can imagine all sorts of fun uses for it (other than a few minutes of entertainment – which is all the excuse I needed!), from picking colors and designs for a website to decorating your home or planning your next craft project.

Colors have the power to influence your mood – which colors do you love? Are your favorites different at different times during the day?

Thanks to bookbabie for linking this cool website!


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