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I just purchased Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred and did my first level 1 workout. Wow! Even with the extra toning and more energy I’m getting from Curves, this workout really makes you work!

I also picked up two books: Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life and The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter Using the three together, I’m hoping to take my commitment to get in shape and lose weight to the next level.

Jillian’s book is great. She lays out what you need to do in easy to understand terms – and if you’ve watched her coach on the Biggest Loser…you know she can get results! I’ve already used her simple formula to figure out how many calories I need to eat per day, and her easy multiple choice test helped me figure out that I’m a fast oxidizer! She recommends the calorie counter book as a reference when planning meals, so I picked it up last night. It’s not just a list of calories…it breaks down everything into carbs, fat, serving size (yep I’m guilty of eating LARGE servings) calories and more. I’ve never been one to want to count exact calories. Jillian explains that with an eye on what you’re eating and clear goals in mind (plus the commitment to go with them) you can eat what you want, and still get results. I can’t eat HOW I want…that’s got to change, but I don’t have to say goodbye forever to all of my favorite foods.

The first workout was intense. Using the DVD along with the books is going to make a huge difference, I can tell already. After the first 20 minute shred, I feel stretched, tired and pretty sweaty. But I’m looking forward to the next session. I know I can do it, it’s not TOO hard – it’s hard enough to get results. Boy is it hard. There were several places where I just knew I couldn’t do even one more rep…and then Jillian would say, “just two more!” and I powered through (or at least, finished without collapsing). I made it all the way through from warm up to cooldown, and it feels great! I’ve accomplished something.

I chose to begin with the level 1 workout. I also modified a couple things, like the pushups, following the beginner on the DVD as Jillian directed. I look forward to being able to work my way up to doing everything unmodified, and then starting in on the next level workout. Some reviewers suggested trying the hardest workout, or alternating between then, but I think I would just get discouraged if I tried and couldn’t make it through the first time out. This way I can work up to it, knowing I can do the first one until I’m ready to move on. It’s plenty challenging all on it’s own!

I like Jillian as a trainer. She’s no nonsense and tough. She’s in great shape, but she feels like a “real person” – she knows how hard she’s making you work, and talks you through each exercise. I found her workout and book to be highly motivating.

So…this is day 1 of my 30-day shred. Wish me luck!



My boys have just experienced the wonder that is Cheetos…And they are in love.

Before now I never bought them because I don’t like the crunchy ones. As a kid, I loved the supper soft cheese balls. I was so sad when they stopped making them. But this weekend at the store I noticed the Cheetos “puffs” and thought I’d give them a chance.

After the first questioning bite, my boys were sold. They started worrying about who had more, and Alex (2yo) even tried to grab one from Josh, claiming it was his! Josh of course immediately wanted to know if we could “buy lots and lots of these forever?” The highest recommendation in his world.

I didn’t think they were bad either, a nice amount of crunch, they reminded me of the cheese balls I used to love.

Halfway through the first bag, and three sets of orange coated fingers later, I can safely say that cheetos puffs are a big hit here. Now if only I could come up with a way to get Frito Lay to let me “test” their product for more reviews! 🙂

Ok now I’m totally sold on those microwave steamer packs. I tried the rice the other day myself, but today I fixed some up for the kids. They LOVED it!

I mixed a bag of the southwestern style rice with some refried beans, cheese and for the kids, a bit of ketchup (on bean? well…they like it) I tossed in a few chips and they ate!

When I say they ate, I mean…they ate like they’d never had food before. They loved it, the begged for more. I was amazed. Usually my 2yo requires coaxing with something he’s never tried before, but he dug right in. By the end of the meal he was covered in beans, his bowl was practically licked clean and he announced: That was GOOD!

I wasn’t expecting such a good review, but they both liked it, so I’ll be adding it to my grocery list. I would call this a really easy meal. It took less than 5 minutes from freezer to plate.

For those that wanted to know, the brand was “Bird’s Eye Steamfresh” I found it next to the other types of microwave steamers at Walmart.

I love home cooked meals as much as anyone, especially my cheezy enchiladas. But with two little ones underfoot, I don’t always have the time or the energy to prepare a big meal. So, I’ve been trying out the microwave steam veggie bags that our local walmart carries. I think I’m in love! They are quick, easy and healthy…that’s a win in my book.

Today I experimented with something new, the southwestern style rice. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, but the rice with broccoli and cheese steamer had been good, so I wanted to try another rice dish.

I made what turned out to be really tasty nachos:

1 bag of southwestern style rice “steamfresh”
1 slice of cheddar cheese
ketchup to taste

I cooked the rice as directed on the bag, melted a slice of cheese on top and stirred in some ketchup. I used chips to scoop it up, and it was great! I suppose a tortilla for a quick burrito would also work.

Now I just have to test it on the kids…but since they would eat ketchup straight if I let them, I don’t think it’ll be a tough sell.


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