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Getting ready to attend the site warming party for Mom’s Most Wanted.

Moms Most Wanted Twitter Site Warming Party

I just love the concept of a twitter party to help drive traffic to a new site. (or an old one, really…) There are prizes and lots of new people to chat with, blogs to read and tons of new tweets to follow!

This party will be hosted by Resourceful Mommy.


Sadly I’m having issues with getting their buttons to show in my sidebar…but I’ll keep fiddling with it.

Now, if only Twitter wasn’t locking up right now, we could get started!


One of the things I love to do is watch my favorite shows on Hulu. I don’t watch a ton of TV generally, but there are a couple shows (Bones, Hell’s Kitchen) that I like. Hulu is a free site that lets you “subscribe” to any of their shows and watch them whenever you want. It keeps track and saves a queue of new episodes too. Did I mention this was free? Sure, you have to watch a few seconds of commercials now and then, but nowhere near the 5 minutes you’ll spend watching them on TV for every few minutes of show.

I like watching on my computer because I can plug in my headphones and watch. Then I can pause to look something up, or whatever, and come back to it when I’m ready. Another thing I like is having a whole season (or more) of the show I’m watching, so I can have a marathon if I want, or catch up on something newly discovered. There’s lots of old shows and movies too whenever there’s nothing new in my queue.

Now, back to Hell’s Kitchen…I’ve got three episodes saved up, and the kids are down for naps!

Link: Hulu.

I’m not always in the mood to play an MMO for hours on end, sometimes I just want a distraction for a few minutes between loads of laundry or whatever else I need to do. I used to play solitare, or tetris, but more and more lately I’m turning to the free flash games found on various websites. So far, Kogregate is my favorite. Not only are there LOTS of games, there are new ones added all the time and many of them have mini achievements (not just high scores) that the site tracks for you, plus it lets you know what you’ve played and saves your favorites.

Yes, there are ads on the site, but another cool thing about kongregate is, they share their ad income with the game developers who submit the games to the site. They’ve also setup a rating and comments system so the players can let the developers know what they like, and they hold monthly and weekly drawings based on the highest rated games of that time period, giving the developers even more incentive to make good games!

There is a multi-player game category, but I haven’t explored that very much yet, as I’m usually only playing any given game for a few minutes at a time (unless it’s Baloon popping…not sure why, but I love that game!) Some of them have quite good reviews though, so I may check those out sometime soon.

Link: Kongregate


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