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The story has spread to Digg, but it needs help! Digg it and continue to spread the word until this girl is found!

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It may be a long shot, but I emailed my local news site and gave them the link to and the article about the author’s niece. Will it help? I don’t know. But I do know that SOMEONE somewhere knows where that girl is. The more coverage it gets, the better her chances.
The internet community is a powerful one, lets use that power for good and tell everyone we know about this story. Tweet it, blog it, email it, whatever you can do to spread the word to even one more person…you’ll never know just how much help one link can be.

Listen up blogging community, one of our own has called out for help.

Here’s the story, pass it along, and keep your eyes open:

Life’s a Bluff – The Poker Comic – Created by Frank Frisina & Ryan Estrada » Archive » My 14yr old niece is missing….Life’s a Bluff – The Poker Comic – Created by Frank Frisina & Ryan Estrada.

UPDATE: Keep it up! This story is getting media attention thanks to all the tweeters and bloggers passing on the word. Keep up the good work, the faster the word spreads, the better this little girl’s chances. Latest Update: Rallying the Internet


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