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ten on tuesday

Today was one of those awesome days when you find a ton of new websites and cool blogs that you’d never seen before. Suddenly I have quite a few new entries in my blogroll! Since one of the things I found was the 10 on Tuesday meme…I think I’ll make a 10 things post today with “blogs to follow” as the theme.

1. Little Birdhouse
Written by a friend of mine, this blog covers a variety of topics and is always full of useful links and ideas.

2. Mom it Forward
More of a community than a blog I guess, but a great read none the less.

3. Living with Lindsay
Found this via a “teach me tuesday” link – today’s “high 5 garden” entry was an awesome read! The kids and I planted seeds a couple weeks ago and they love counting the new sprouts.

4. Ten on Tuesday
The inspiration for this post…I found the various topics from past weeks interesting, and the answering replies as well!

5. XboxWife
Another result from the ten things tuesday search, this blog is a fun read.

6. GoodNCrazy Mom of all trades, Jack of none.
I haven’t had a chance to dig as deeply into this blog as I would like, but it’s great so far!

7. Bookbabie
This blogger posted my very first comment here on Curious Little Muse – I’ve been reading her ever since!

8. Should Be Reading
A book blog – and host of another meme I just might have to join, “Tuesday Teasers.”

9. Books on the Brain
Found this blog in one of my “see who’s following who on twitter” adventures.

10. 5 Minutes for Books
Another community/blog site. I’m always eager to find good books to read, so there are a lot of great book sites on my blogroll!



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