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Yes Man

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a Jim Carrey fan. I don’t love ALL of his movies, but when he makes one like “Yes Man” I’m thrilled. He’s done some weird stuff, but this isn’t it. The plot of “Yes Man” is easy to follow and believable. Carrey plays Carl Allen, a man that is afraid to take risks. He’s been left by the woman he loved, is passed over for promotion and avoids his friends for fear of running into his ex. All of that changes when an old friend shows up and challenges him to just say “yes.”

Carl’s first yes sets off a chain of events that turns his life upside down and introduces him to Allison (played by Zooey Deschanel) a free spirit who charms him with her adventurous lifestyle. How long can he keep saying yes? Longer than you might think!

This movie will make you grin, giggle and even laugh if goofy humor is your thing. Charming and fun, I give this movie 4/5 stars and a great big “would watch again!”

Link: Yes Man, on Amazon



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