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My Etsy order has arrived! It contains lavender, chamomile, and dried rose buds. Paired with the pretty printed sheer fabric I picked up at Walmart, I’m making some great sachets!

The sheer fabric isn’t the easiest to sew…in fact it’s quite annoying, but the end result is pretty cool with the colors I chose. You can just see what’s inside the fabric bag, but it’s tight enough to keep all the bits of dried flowers inside…and not in your drawer.

Of course, I gave the first one to Mom. But I plan to make more and perhaps post them up on Etsy eventually. I’ve been thinking about making some crocheted items to put up there too, so hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. I’ll post some pictures here too, once I have a couple finished.

As for the crochet items, I think I’ll post things like bibs, washcloths and bags…and if there’s any interest maybe I’ll take on a custom project or two for bigger items.

I’m also making curtains for Josh’s room. He picked out the fabric…black with blue dragons and red flames! Oh my…but he’s 6 and it’s his room, I think it’s fun that he got to choose what he wanted, even if I did try to convince him that a softer color might be better. I’m sure I’ll replace them with something more neutral eventually.

I’ve got my craft room all organized now, with each project in it’s own bin, and my sewing machine all setup. It feels great…and I can find my stuff now! It was hard to tell how much random yarn I had floating around, but I managed to fill up a pretty large bin with it so I have some extra to work with if a pattern catches my eye. Now I just need to find a bookshelf or something to put all my patterns and craft books on. Currently they are on the table, but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for sewing.

I’ve always been one to have multiple projects going at once, but lately I’ve actually been getting them finished with some consistency and speed, it feels great! It’s fun to look at a completed project…almost as fun as starting a new one!


Natural pet care is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. Finding natural products and organic food for humans can be hard…seems to be ten times harder for pets! But I finally stumbled upon a site that has the products I want, and delivers locally.

The things on my list were:

A natural hairball remedy – Mocha is the queen of grooming, but her late night presents right on my path to the bathroom are not something I enjoy.

Natural ingredients senior cat food – Monty is not quite ready, but Mom’s cats are 10 and ready to make that transition to a diet better suited to their age.

Natural vitamins and minerals supplement – After the ear infection Mom’s cats had, and the heavy duty treatment, a natural supplement to build their immune systems back up is really important.

I was able to find everything I was looking for, plus the prices were actually quite reasonable and comparable to regular products at my local pet store. Gotta love great prices!

Link: Only Natural Pet Store.


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