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From Dakota

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been fighting the battle of the side gate. “Koda” knows it opens and outside is the world of smells and friends and possible treats. I know the dangers of roads, cars and other dogs. Now, normally Dakota doesn’t dig. He’s been known to sniff around and occasionally paw around if a smell really got his interest, but no major excavating. But with that little bit of daylight showing under the side gate, he’s decided to tunnel.

We’ve tried lots of things. First we blocked the gate with the trash cans, since they are on the side of the house anyway. He dug around them. We’ve started taking him through the house, instead of out the gate whenever it’s time for a walk, so he doesn’t think of the gate as the exit. (perhaps too late on that decision) We blocked the sunlight at the bottom of the gate with wood. The hole under the gate just got bigger.

Finally we decided to take drastic action. We bought chicken wire and several bags of soil. We buried the wire, and stapled it into place against the fence with heavy duty staples. Dakota managed to find the one weak area and pull up a corner.

We added more dirt, several heavy paving stones, grass seed (ok that was more for the lawn’s benefit than to keep the dog in) and several large tins of black pepper.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. After suffering for two days because I managed to clog my sinuses with the dratted pepper, we have had no further problems. The wire and stones are still in place, the grass is sprouting, and there has been no digging.

Perhaps the pepper would have worked on it’s own, but now we don’t have a hole under the gate, and our new pup will have less temptation to dig. (we hope)

Just in case…I’ve told hubby that HE gets to sprinkle the pepper next time.



Natural pet care is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. Finding natural products and organic food for humans can be hard…seems to be ten times harder for pets! But I finally stumbled upon a site that has the products I want, and delivers locally.

The things on my list were:

A natural hairball remedy – Mocha is the queen of grooming, but her late night presents right on my path to the bathroom are not something I enjoy.

Natural ingredients senior cat food – Monty is not quite ready, but Mom’s cats are 10 and ready to make that transition to a diet better suited to their age.

Natural vitamins and minerals supplement – After the ear infection Mom’s cats had, and the heavy duty treatment, a natural supplement to build their immune systems back up is really important.

I was able to find everything I was looking for, plus the prices were actually quite reasonable and comparable to regular products at my local pet store. Gotta love great prices!

Link: Only Natural Pet Store.


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