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From Puppy

Belle is home! We picked her up this morning and she’s doing great.

Ok, at the moment she’s howling at me because I’m typing and not playing, but for now it’s really cute!

She’s had quite a busy morning; she rode in the car, chased the kids around the front yard, met the neighbor who saw us get her out of the car, had a nap in the playroom, had lunch, had a nap outside, had a bath and is now waiting for me to come back and play, since the kids are down for naps.

I’m still soaked from the bath, and I smell like puppy, but I’m happy! She’s adorable and very sweet, and the kids love her. It’s clear she’s a lab, she picks up and carries everything from her toys to her leash to Alex’s stuffed animals, it’s going to be fun to teach her how to fetch.

I noticed over the last couple of weeks that the breeder would play music to the puppies when she wasn’t doing something with them. I think I’ll continue that for crate time, during the day, for a while so it feels familiar.

Check out the gallery linked above for more pictures from today. I gotta go play!



My poor computer must really feel neglected. I haven’t spent much time inside in the last couple of days. The weather has been great, not too hot, but warm enough for squirt guns and car washing, picnics and icecream. Ok, it’s always icecream weather…but now it’s warm enough to eat it outside shall we say. 🙂

One of our favorite local destinations is Bridges Pet, Gift and Water Gardens. As the name suggests it is a pet store with a large gift section and plenty of cool water features for ponds and yards. My kids love it. There are always kittens and puppies to look at, a fish room with music and lots of stuffed animals and pretty things to ask mom for. The boys have been there three times this week (all in the last two days) and they are already plotting to go back.

We have also been to the nearby walking trail, it’s so beautiful with all the trees in full leaf, the flowers and grass all bright and fresh and plenty of shade from the surrounding trees. It’s a really nice trail that passes through the quiet outskirts of Snohomish, far enough away from roads and houses to let the kids stretch their legs. We have to dodge the random bikes, rollerblades, dogs, other strollers and horses, but it’s generally quiet and not too busy.

I squeezed in my curves workout early this morning, before they closed for lunch, knowing that it was going to get hot this afternoon. I’m glad I did…by the usual time for my workout, I was totally worn out!

We managed to wash and vacuum the car, clean the driveway, have a squirt gun fight and let the dog out on the leash for a walk all before Hubby came home. I used the garden hose, so as not to be outgunned. It was a wise move, as I was able to drench in retaliation the sneaky little imp who came up behind me and squirted water down my shorts.

On top of all that, we went out for dinner and ice cream once Hubby got home, and enjoyed the remaining daylight. I somehow managed to miss my own body with the sunscreen…so Mommy’s arms and neck rival the the brightest lobster while the boys managed to show only a burnt ear and little bit of pink on the neck between them. I guess that counts as a success, I’ll be the only one peeling.

Whew…what a couple of days! And the weekend hasn’t even officially started yet. I think I am going to tuck myself in with a movie and rest up for whatever tomorrow holds.


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