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Getting ready to attend the site warming party for Mom’s Most Wanted.

Moms Most Wanted Twitter Site Warming Party

I just love the concept of a twitter party to help drive traffic to a new site. (or an old one, really…) There are prizes and lots of new people to chat with, blogs to read and tons of new tweets to follow!

This party will be hosted by Resourceful Mommy.


Sadly I’m having issues with getting their buttons to show in my sidebar…but I’ll keep fiddling with it.

Now, if only Twitter wasn’t locking up right now, we could get started!


I attended my second #gno last night and enjoyed it immensely. Hosted by Mom It Forward, #gno is a “girl’s night out” twitter event where moms all over the bloggverse get together and chat about a pre-selected topic.

Last night’s topic was about reviewing products on your blog, disclosure of payment or freebies associated with the reviews, and how to keep your own voice through the process. I found the topic very interesting. So far I’ve only “reviewed” products that my family uses, and have not contacted or been contacted by the companies associated with those products. I was interested to learn that I could approach those companies myself, if I wanted to, and once started I wouldn’t have to review anything I didn’t actually use or like if I didn’t want to.

I’ve considered the idea of doing these types of reviews before. (eventually anyway, once I’ve been blogging a bit longer) My biggest concern was always keeping to the spirit of my blog. It’s my space, my thoughts and my opinion…not something I would want controlled by anyone else. Last night the same concerns were raised by other bloggers, and the panelists agreed that those were valid concerns to have. They talked about saying no to companies or products, and keeping with the “feel” of your blog, not selling out just to get a freebie.

Companies are starting to realize that bloggers have influence in the consumer market, and the smart ones are reaching out to take advantage of that advertising. This relationship between bloggers and companies is still in the early stages for the most part. Not all companies are interested, and not all know what to do with the bloggers once they have made contact. But I think there is a lot of potential here, even at the current stage of development. Bloggers (especially mom bloggers in my opinion) can make a real difference by promoting what they find to be healthy, economical, useful and otherwise good products.

The topic of negative reviews came up as well. There were a variety of opinions, but for me personally I really connected with those who said that they were honest about products they chose to reviews, but they would contact a company about their product and any problems they found with it rather than writing a nasty or overly negative review. Companies need that feedback, and changes can be made without having to make a big fuss about it. Obviously if there is something out there that is dangerous or that a company isn’t willing to change then others need to know about it, but it’s about approach and tact. At least as far as I’m concerned.

When a negative review is called for…the power that bloggers have is immense. The networks in place between bloggers ensure that word will spread very quickly in all sorts of directions. It’s a power that should be taken seriously, and handled with care.

Jennifer is home! Frank Frisina’s missing niece has been located and she’s safe and sound. Frank is giving the credit to the twitter and blogging community who stepped up and spread the word.

Frank, that how-to guide is a great idea, and I for one hope to see it happen. I will spread it around and encourage those I know to do likewise. The internet is a powerful tool that as we see today, can be used for good!

I think you are spot on when you say there should be some sort of criminal charge or something that can be made in the case of a runaway, especially the habitual ones that would enable law enforcement to act quickly. Anything can happen to a kid that is on the run (for whatever reason), they need to be found ASAP!

I found the spin the news put on it to be interesting…as if the tools being used were of more interest than the actual missing girl…but a positive result is that now maybe other parents will consider the internet and cell records when they are in this horrible position.

Link: Life’s a Bluff – The Poker Comic – Created by Frank Frisina & Ryan Estrada » Archive » SHE IS HOME – Safe and SoundLife’s a Bluff – The Poker Comic – Created by Frank Frisina & Ryan Estrada.

It may be a long shot, but I emailed my local news site and gave them the link to and the article about the author’s niece. Will it help? I don’t know. But I do know that SOMEONE somewhere knows where that girl is. The more coverage it gets, the better her chances.
The internet community is a powerful one, lets use that power for good and tell everyone we know about this story. Tweet it, blog it, email it, whatever you can do to spread the word to even one more person…you’ll never know just how much help one link can be.


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